At Life Changing Fitness, we truly have a class for every member. Whether you’re just starting your fitness journey, or you’re a seasoned athlete looking for a way to break through your plateaus, you’ll find something at LCF.

Specialty Fitness Classes

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Personal Training

Most exercise programs assume you already have a perfect posture, with no history of injury, a stress free life, and great biomechanics (your ability to move properly). At Life Changing Fitness, we realize that is not the common case. Each program is specifically designed around the individual based from their personal fitness evaluation that is performed by our professional physical therapists. Thus, eliminating movements that would not be beneficial or necessary to the client and being performed simply because they are the latest trend. Through experience and education, our team is dedicated to guiding our clients towards a healthier, stronger and pain-free lifestyle.


Come in for a complete evaluation and let our team recommend a plan that is personalized to fit your specific needs.

Personal Fitness Evaluation

Medically Supervised Weight Loss

Our philosophy at Life Changing Fitness is to help our clients make healthy changes in their daily eating and exercise patterns. We believe that in order to accomplish this, we must first develop an understanding of each client’s eating and exercise behavior. A licensed dietician then makes recommendations for a diet that will facilitate weight loss.

We also understand that approximately 2/3 of adults are either classifies as overweight or obese. These clients may require more aggressive weight loss options. We offer physician-supervised medications designed to promote weight loss, in a safe and effective manner. Our staff works with you to achieve your goals.


Counseling & Program Options

Metabolic Testing
Use our state-of-the-art metabolic machines to assess your true metabolic rate and design a plan just right for you.

Support and Motivation
Stay on track and motivated with frequent follow ups, recipes, blogs, and more available on our website.

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